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Concept (SEAS commitment)

Ginza's lymphatic massage salon has many achievements

Please leave small face correction and anti-aging.

Lymph Massage Salon Detox Este SEAS in Ginza and Ikebukuro has a variety of treatment menus. The staff will respond to your requests and give you a massage to get a tighter body than before.
The deterioration of metabolism and the appearance of swelling and sagging in the body may actually be related to the accumulation of waste products and stress. The salon in Tokyo, which has many achievements so far, discharges waste and puts effort into changing the constitution from the body, so please use it.


List of treatment menus in Ginza lymphatic massage salon

We have published a number of salon menus

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  • SEAS Ikebukuro store online reservation

Voices from customers have been released

Please check the customer feedback before using

  • Buried gold Natsumi beauty salon


    My work as a manicurist, chronically stiff shoulders and neck, every time I became painful, I tried various things such as an osteotomy, an oil massage, a major beauty salon, etc. When I went back to home, the pain came again.

    I met Mr. Nakayama when I was going to give up on my shoulders for a lifetime. Anyway, lymph detox massage is amazing. You can see that the toxins that have really accumulated from the tips of your hands and feet. And I knew for the first time that my skeleton was distorted. It is different from other salons that heals even the distorted skeleton. Heal the pelvis, shoulders inside, and face bones!

    After you finish, you can feel blood flowing in your head! And with cellulite care, it gets thinner! Thanks to becoming the correct skeleton, I lost my weight naturally.

    M (__) m Nakayama-san knows everything about the body and always asks questions (laughs) Will you! I am also very grateful to be able to consult about daily troubles. I always get my energy back home. thank you very much!

Q & A

Our staff will listen to your questions

We have created a page to answer your questions

Can I make a reservation on the day?

Yes you can.

You can do this by calling the store of your choice, contacting us via LINE, and checking the free time by making an online reservation.

Is it okay for the first time?

Please rest assured.

At SEAS, you will be treated after careful counseling. There is also an experience menu, so feel free to come.

Is there an admission fee?

Please be assured that there are no admission fees or annual fees other than the displayed treatment fees.

I'm worried about how much it costs.

The display price of each menu is a charge per time. The total number of charges depends on the customer's constitution, worries and goals. Rest assured that we offer our customers the best plans with free counseling.

Can I use a credit card?

Various credit cards can be used.



Access information to many salons


Store name

Detox beauty treatment SEAS

Street address

1-13-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

phone number
business hours

11:00 〜 20:00

Regular holiday

None, Irregular, Fire


Lymph Massage Salon Detox Este SEAS near Ginza 1-Chome Station has a very convenient location, 30 seconds on foot from the nearest station on the Yurakucho Line. This is a well-established salon that has received many voices that it has been able to feel a great effect from the beginning with the approach of firmly approaching the lymph nodes. Anti-aging and bridal courses are also available, so please try it out.


Store name

SEAS Ikebukuro

Street address

4-5-1 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Rise Arena Building B1F

phone number
business hours

[Business hours] From 11:00 to 20:00
[Reservation reception time] Please contact us as it depends on the treatment and menu contents.
[Surgery] For women only. OK for men and women. Please contact each store.

Regular holiday



7 minutes on foot from Ikebukuro Station East Exit
7 minutes on foot from Ikebukuro Station Seibu Exit
Directly connected to Higashi Ikebukuro Station, 30 seconds on foot from Exit 6

About us

A beautiful body line at the lymph massage salon in Ginza

Detox treatment at the Ginza lymphatic massage salon is popular

A salon that has earned a lot of trust so far, promotes blood flow with a massage that stimulates the lymph, and performs a treatment that can expect rejuvenation detox. It is said that the swelling and sagging of the face is caused by lifestyle habits, and the accumulation of waste products deep in the body is often cited as the reason, so the salon is suitable for each person while facing the customer's request firmly We will work to remove the waste and get a tighter face line, so please feel free to visit us for the first time.
The salon boasting a high repeat rate in Tokyo has a reputation for other pelvic correction procedures, and will offer a gentle, stress-free detox treatment for customers who have developed many symptoms due to pelvic distortion. If the pelvis is distorted, it may cause coldness and constipation, so it is recommended to improve the pelvis as soon as possible. The salon in Ikebukuro is open as usual on Saturdays and Sundays, so you can feel free to come to work on a day off.

Ginza's lymphatic massage salon has accumulated many achievements

The salon, which has built up a solid track record in Tokyo, performs pelvic correction and other treatments that can be expected to have anti-aging and detox effects. It is characterized by a massage that stimulates lymph using aroma oil, and it is possible to change the waste accumulated in the body to a constitution that is easy to excrete by high pressure massage to muscles and fascia If you want to get a better and better body line, come here. The staff is a talented person who has accumulated abundant experience so far, and it is safe because it is close to the customer until the end of the treatment.
The salon boasting a high repeat rate in Tokyo also incorporates a menu for small face correction, and we will identify the causes of swelling and sagging and perform treatments that match the customer's constitution. It is not only the dietary habits that make it difficult to get the ideal small face, but also stress can be considered, so we try to massage to make you relax as much as possible. The salon is characterized by a spacious space with a special atmosphere.